Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Some Stitching

We were away on vacation last week...nothing terribly exciting, but still fun.  We went to visit my dad, and spent the week relaxing at "home" and seeing some of the local sights that I grew up going to.  I wanted my kids to get to experience some of the places I've gone to a million times.  I also got to catch up with an old friend, and eat my favorite pizza in the process.  One of my out of town cousins was there with her kids, so it was great timing to get to see them as well.

Since I wasn't home, I haven't been doing a lot of stamping.  But I did get to do some sewing while we were away.  Here's some random trivia about me:  I have no nephews.  Only nieces.  Five of them.  Plus two grand-nieces.  Lots of girls on both sides of the family.

A few years ago I made some simple fleece and flannel blankets for my brother's (then) three girls.  The blankets have a pocket on them, so that it can fold up and turn into a pillow.  My Grandma made me one (although a much fancier version) when I was a girl.  Each one has the girls' initial on the pocket.  Fast forward a couple of years, and now those three girls have a little sister.  She was in need of her own blanket, so as a belated birthday present, I made one for her.

See the pocket?  Her initial is on the inside so that when everything is folded up, the letter is visible on the outside.  Here's a view of it all folded up (along with one of the original ones I made for the other girls.)

I should probably put a tutorial here, and maybe at some point I will (because I'm planning to make more of these!)  But it's not realistic right now.  If you want to know how to make these, just do a search for "quillow" and lots of directions should magically appear on your computer screen. :)

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