Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Stampin' Up! Leadership Swaps (Part 1)

 I thought I'd show off the swaps that I got at Leadership.  I only made twenty, so there's not a lot to show.  But at least you get to see all of them! 
 by Barbara Jackson

 by Janet Levasseuk
 by Dianne Logeais
 by Diane Klieger
 by Diane Hughes
 by Kathie Rotti
 by Laura Malone
 by craftdoc.com
 by Pearl Robb
 by Jeanne Kooker
by Gail DeRea


  1. I love that you posted 11 swaps and that three of them are from Diane or dianne. Made me grin. I am friends with Dianne Logeais and am excited to see her card here. Your swaps are lovely. Toodles....madameplushbottom

  2. That's funny...I hadn't even noticed that! And Dianne's card convinced me to get that paper! :) Thanks for stopping by!